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Prog Magazine album review

Greetings one and all!

This is a very exciting post for me to share with you.

Life can at times throw us curved balls – sometimes they’re good, but most of the time they tend to be disruptive. This one is Great!

I never knew this existed and stumbled across it by accident. To backtrack: Prog magazine (UK) featured one of my Bach to Me album tracks (For Johann) on their September 2015 compilation CD and in turn did a really complimentary CD sampler splurb on the track. It was really flattering and I thought, that’s it, all done and dusted. However, what I didn’t realise was that Prog had prior to that done a full review of the album.

I’m over the moon to say that Bach to Me has received great reviews around the world in countries such as Holland, USA, Canada and Italy...

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Bach to Me hits Italy!

Italian progressive rock website HamelinProg have reviewed Bach to Me and what a review it is!

Reviewer Alex Ruggi really knows his stuff and the result is a greatly in depth technical review that showcases every single piece of music. Wow!

What’s fantastic is the focus on what Duncan Mackay contributed to the album which is brilliant because out of our Bach to Me collaboration, Duncan and I have formed a musical partnership with the emphasis on European live work from 2017.  So while raising awareness of Bach to Me this review is also opening doors for ‘Mackay & Voros’ in a territory that has a huge history and love of Progressive Music.

The translation was a little bit of challenge as a direct translation from Italian to English was not possible and had to be tweaked in some places for ...

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Mwe3 USA Review and Interview

A BIG thank you to Robert Silverstein for the great review of Bach to Me.

This is the first review of my album in the US and I’m over the moon about it. To date, Bach to Me has now been reviewed in the UK, Holland and Canada with Italy coming up shortly.

Aside from the album review I also did an in depth interview with Mwe3 which you can read by clicking HERE.

Below is the review:

Not too much was known in the international music world about South Africa-based drummer Georg Voros but that changed when he released Bach To Me in 2014.

The album is a very original sounding adaptation of J.S. Bach’s music for a classical / jazz-rock band...

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iO Pages Bach to Me album review

Greetings everyone!

I’m so very pleased to share with you the Dutch progressive rock magazine ‘iO Pages’ album review for Bach to Me.  It even had a ‘TIP’ sticker on it indicating an album of ‘special interest’

This is a fantastic review and encouraging for future ‘Mackay & Voros’ European live work. Duncan has a special relationship with The Netherlands due to his past work there where he is well remembered for his live tours with Cockney Rebel and 10CC.

I would like to thank Paul Rijkens for contacting me last year and requesting to do a review on my album. I’m deeply honoured to have been featured in this great magazine. The review below is a translation from Dutch to English so may not quite read as ‘Queens English’. You will never-the-less get the gist of the original language text.

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Bach to Me about to break into the USA!

I’m bursting with excitement to announce that Bach to Me continues to break new ground!

With high profile album reviews coming up soon in both Holland and Italy, I was recently contacted by Robert Silverstein from the prominent music review site MW3E . Based in Florida, USA, Robert has requested a copy of the album for review which is fantastically encouraging news.

I’m hugely flattered that requests to review my album are coming in from such well established and important online musical portals such as MW3E and also highly regarded progressive music magazines such a iO Pages in Holland. Then of course to be recently featured in the industry leading mag Prog in the UK is mind boggling to me.

From what was an initial wild idea in the shower to record my debut album to where it currently ...

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More Bach to Me reviews coming up and exclusive podcast!

Bach to Me is causing quite a stir and in the pipeline are quite a few exciting happenings on the horizon:

The first is a review of Bach to Me in Dutch prog magazine ‘iO Pages‘. This is fantastic news as it has always been my intention with this album to break into Europe for future live work featuring Duncan Mackay and I. This review is the catalyst in getting this awareness started.

Also in the Netherlands, Prog website and magazine ‘Background‘ will be doing a review after hearing some music from Bach to Me and agreeing to do a review of the album. Again wonderful news!

Staying in Europe and in a different country, Italian Prog magazine ‘HamelinProg‘ will also be reviewing Bach to Me...

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Awareness of Bach to Me is growing world-wide

A lot has been going on recently regarding ‘Bach to Me’. From an initial slow start, momentum has picked up fantastically well around the world.

The album has been favorably reviewed in the USA’s biggest Progressive Music magazine ‘Progression’ in the October issue.

Leading UK magazine ‘Prog’ has featured one of the album tracks ‘For Johann’ on the cover mount CD of their October issue.

Prominent Dutch Progressive Rock magazine ‘iO Pages’ has requested a copy of ‘Bach to Me’ for review.

The album’s music now been played on radio in South Africa, England, Canada, USA and France.

CD and download orders have been coming in from countries such as England, Ireland, Denmark, Switzerland, USA, Holland and Italy.

We now have worldwide CD distribution via Kunaki in the USA.

This is all very encoura...

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Upcoming Bach to Me review

Great news!

USA based Progression magazine will be doing a review of Bach to Me in the October issue. Progression is the world’s longest-running print publication devoted exclusively to coverage of progressive music in all its myriad forms. It began publishing in 1992, chronicling the overlapping worlds of progressive rock and related genres/subgenres. Each issue contains in-depth features by the field’s top writers, outstanding original photography and approximately 150 reviews of the season’s key album releases and reissues, books, DVDs and live events.

This is a major step forward for increasing awareness of Bach to Me. You can check out Progression at:

A big thank you to Progression publisher John Collinge for contacting us with this f...

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Bach to Me physical product available to buy at shows

After much deliberation in being offered a CD distribution deal it has been decided that Bach to Me will still be available on CD but only from the album site, my Georg Voros site and certain retailers like Amazon. Not as was proposed through a distribution company.

The reason for this is due to the fact that focus on CD sales will be made mainly available at shows when I and Duncan Mackay play live. This will also include Duncan’s solo albums, our new collaborative album (Mackay & Voros) which we starting shortly and other merchandise which will probably also include vinyl albums. This way it gives us tighter control on physical product and we can also be on hand to sign copies.

Digital album downloads of Bach to Me will continue to be available through Bandcamp, Amazon, iTunes and other ...

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A distribution deal has been struck

Since the release of Bach to Me I have been on the lookout for a reputable company to distribute the album. All electronic distribution (downloads) is currently handled by Ditto (UK) and also Bandcamp. However, I have been on the prowl for a company that could handle physical product like CD’s and even vinyl.

I was initially offered a distribution deal with a Paris based company but after looking into it a bit more closely, decided that it wasn’t suitable for what I wanted. I then contacted a company based in London and after quite a bit of discussion, decided that Cargo Records was the right company to take care of Bach to Me CD sales globally. I’m very pleased with this as they are a great company with many years experience and a good rep...

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